Nov 20

Unsuccessful Model Making

2006 • Posted by Kai @ 12:00 PM

I started layering legs of the spider, making exactly 12 legs it has to be. Unfortunately, the model does not work. It is not so bad to turn out an unsuccessful model because I can always learn something from model making. The reasons why this model does not work can probably class following issues:

  • Materiality: Although I used thick peper card to make this model, but it still seemed flimsy.
  • Mechanism: Since I want to make this structure walks more like a spider, so I altered the mechanism to exaggerate the movement of the legs. However, I extended the rotating arm too long, which makes the legs stuck when they swing back.
  • Craftsmanship: I thought this is just an experimental model, so I did not cutted the components precisely.

In conclusion, on next stage, I will use proper materials to do the work, and work more precisely.


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