Nov 22

too long to make a Model

2006 • Posted by Kai @ 12:49 PM

It just takes too long to make a moving model. To figure how the final product looks like, and what kind of technique I should do, I uesd 2mm thick millborad to make this model, which pretty much has the same thickness with the hardboard that I am going to use for final model. The board is hard enough to make a strong model, but it just to hard to cut it in shapes by hand, and takes so much time to do it. It pretty took me a day to just make this portion, despite the model works very well.

I was thinking added the wings on the legs, so when the spider walks then the wings spread. However, it seems I have to redesign the mechanism of the wings again. I also simplified the shape of the legs, but still like the previous design better.


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