Nov 28

Comments from Peter & Patrick

2006 • Posted by Kai @ 11:38 PM

Computer renderings and not models. The majority of the work should be the basis of physical exploration. Not computer rendering.

Why should the motor be part of this when they operate autonimously……..

The legs, legs are braced in three dimensions for lateral stability. Still working in 2.5 dimensions. Legs on the wind structures are in 3 dimensions. His work also pays remarkable attention to details. The plastic conduit pipe plays a critical role in his work. Really understands the limits of the materials. If it remains a diagram it has no physical properties. Garret Reitveld: walking cradle from the 1920’s.

Manitoba (too flat)is interesting because something could be made as it moves across the prairies. if there is snow and it is soft, then the legs need to be designed to spread the load. at the same time can’t be too light because it will be blown away.

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