Nov 08

Running like a Horse

2006 • Posted by Kai @ 3:22 PM

This is the demonstration of the sketch model see how it runs, some people said it running like a horse.

Nov 07

Geometry and Mechanism

2006 • Posted by Kai @ 12:26 AM

Analyzing the geometry and mechanism of Theo Jansen’s Work, and building the experimental model.



Nov 06

Study of Jansen’s Beach Animals

2006 • Posted by Kai @ 3:14 PM


Theo Jansen has created many kind of Beach Animals. These creatures consist of walking skeletons are powered by wind, which made out of yellow electrical tubes (perhaps PVC). Most of beach animals are based on same mechanical theory, and built with different forms and sizes, some of them have wings and some have skin. Jansen wants to put these animals on the beach where they will lead their own lives. The animals were so organic and lifelike as they moved under wind power across the beach.

The motion of animal’s skeleton could be the perfect mechanism. All the skeletons are based on simple geometries, and developed leads to complex mechanism.

Nov 04

Sunset in La Salle

2006 • Posted by Kai @ 1:14 PM

This picture was taken with HDR technique. I took the photo in normal exposure, then took another two photos, one in +1 EV and the other one in -1EV. Then I merged those three pictures in a program called Photomatix Pro with tone mapped function to maximize the dynamic range of the picture.


Nov 03


2006 • Posted by Kai @ 4:32 PM

Just added a portrait album in the Gallery section. A friend of mine Gerri Senff’s daughter Horizon is a beautiful little girl and feels no shy in front of the lenses. She is turning 6 and on the first grad of Dalhousie elementary school.


Nov 01

Notes of the “The Bull In the Machine”

2006 • Posted by Kai @ 2:17 PM


Techonology is going beyond control…………( to be continued)

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