Jan 30

Site Point Douglas

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 9:59 PM

Point Douglas is a provincial electoral division in Manitoba, where was created by redistribution for the 1969 provincial election, eliminated in 1978, and re-established in 1989 from parts of Burrows, Logan and St. Johns. It is located in north-central Winnipeg, and includes the Point Douglas neighbourhood.

Point Douglas is bordered to the east by St. Boniface and Elmwood, to the south by Fort Rouge, to the north by St. Johns, and to the west by Burrows, Wellington and Minto. Different parts of the division are included in the federal ridings of Winnipeg Centre and Winnipeg North.

The population in 1996 was 19,941. It is an ethnically diverse riding. Ethnicities included Aboriginal (33%), Filipino (10%), as well as Ukrainian (6%) in 1999. The total immigrant population in this riding was 27 per cent. The Aboriginal population was 33 per cent. Also, over 18 per cent of the population were over the age of 65 in 1999.

~Source from Wikipedia

The red circle shown on the map is the site that I chose for developing the new project. I was more interested in analyzing the traffic condition in this area.

Jan 27

Extreme Winter Weather

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 3:13 PM

I’ve been walking on outside for the site tour under the chilly weather on Thursday, then I got headache on the next day. I am not quite sure what was the temperature but it was feeling so cold to stay outside. Like today, it looks shinning outside in the afternoon, but the windchill is -30 degree celsius. Spring still far away……

Jan 26

Am I An Artist?

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 2:50 AM

Some of my friends call me artist. I try not to be an artist because most artists are poor, sick, broke, can’t even borrow money from bank, but I still like to do some art work. I do oil paintings sometimes, but I like watercolor paintings better because it is water base, clean, and fast, although it is not easy to control the fluid painted on the paper.

This series of landscape paintings that I done couple years ago. Too bad I don’t have that much time to do watercolor paintings for longtime. Maybe I just need some motives to make me pick up the paintbrushes again.

Jan 20

New Comment System Is On

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 10:26 PM

After almost two days coding work, I finally added the new comment page feature on this website because original guestbook system has been canceled (I know it’s a bit long, but I have to say I am not a programmer). This site was using a free guestbook from elsewhere on internet, but they just removed my account without any notification. What a ……. but whatelse I can do because it was free. I was trying to migrate all messages back to here from cache, unfortunately there are still some people’s comments lost.

Shouldn’t trust free stuff on internet and that is why I created the comment page feature by myself. Anyway, new guestbook system is on. Keep it up and thanks for all your suggestions!

Jan 15

Jewelry Product Shoots

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 11:42 AM

Have done some jewelry shoots for M Three Design in the weekend. This is probably the first time I taking serious to do the product picture. It was quite interesting but also it is a challenge to get the background completely white. I spent so much time setting the lights to get the better reflection from the stones and metal. Check the GALLERY for more photos.



Jan 10

Bus Pass

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 2:22 AM

It was a surprise when people tell me my picture on the bus pass. I am pretty sure I never submit any photos to Winnipeg transit, I was wondering where they got this picture from. This picture was one of the runners-up of Picture Winnipeg Contest on 2005, probably they have some kind of collaboration. Weird~


Jan 04

Portrait Shot

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 11:27 PM

The portrait shot of Dianna, a friend’s daughter. Of course I’ve done a lot of Photoshop work after I took this picture.


Jan 01

New Year Eve Dinner

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 10:20 PM

This is my new year eve dinner. Not super rich, but plenty enough.



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