Jul 26

Last Game Of The Season

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 9:30 PM

Although summer is not over yet, but this is our last softball game of the season. I pretty much attended to every game since I came to Kasian, even though these was a game that my finger was bleeding but I still batting. I am surprised that there were so many people love softball in the firm, (more…)

Jul 21

Hydrogen + Natural Gas

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 2:44 PM

I don’t really understand the fuel thing, just a curiosity of this vehicle when I was waiting for my bus. The sign on this TEST BUS says that it is in “Testing the Power of Tomorrow”, and uses “Hydrogen + Natural Gas” as its power source. Actually, this kind of blended fuel has been using for a while, but it is still not the primary power source for vehicles. The only thing I know that using natural gas as the fuel is ways cleaner than gasoline because it offers the potential for immediate emissions benefits, such as a reduction in nitrogen oxides emissions, but I wonder when would this NEW FUEL substitutes gasoline since the price of oil is getting more expensive.

Jul 19

Foggy Morning

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 7:40 PM

Lived at far away from downtown Vancouver, I have to catch the 6:30 bus early in the morning. I never like to be an early bird, but I am getting used to it. Otherwise………

Jul 16

Calgary Hospital Project Model

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 2:06 PM

This is one of the study models for the Calgary South Hospital project. A physical model is really helpful for design progress, but takes time to build it (well, it depends what quality you looking for). I like the second shot, it looks like some kind of space base on other planet.

Jul 08

Reifel Bird Sanctuary

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 9:50 AM

Reifel Bird Sanctuary located at Delta, the south of Vancouver. In here you can HEAR a lot of different kinds of bird, but SEE only some large birds, mostly ducks. I don’t think this is a good place to spend your weekend because the park is not that big, it only takes about an hour or two to walk all the way around the trails.

Bird photographing is not an easy job, it needs a tele-lens and a whole lot of patience because the birds are not always setting there and waiting for you say CHEESE. The longest focal I can get is a 200mm Lens + x2 Tele-converter x 1.5 APS size in Digital-SLR = 600mm, but still way too far to reach the small birds. I think maybe I need to get a BAZOOKA if I really interested in bird photographing.

For more Reifel Bird Sanctuary pictures please check the GALLERY section.

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