Nov 10

The Narrative of “Street Life”

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 4:07 PM

The short film I am making called “Street Life”, for temporally maybe. The following is the abstract of the narrative:

Chapter One
On the busy street corner, a drunkard awakes to the sound of a crowd of pedestrians. People walk by rapidly; no one notices him. He sits up, and takes a deep breath. The air smalls alcoholic. No, he realizes, that familiar smell is the scent of vodka from last night still lodged in his head.

Chapter Two
Later, he gets up and turns around, slowly walking toward to the tavern, the tavern where he used to spend his life. He opens up a can of beer and quickly drinks it up, then throws the empty can on the ground and jams on it. He walks into the tavern, it’s nightfall again.

Chapter Three
On the second floor of this building, a man stands by the window. He lights up a cigarette, raises the window, and smokes. He looks down the courtyard, while enjoying the quiet night, although the night is not quiet at all. A stranger is approaching from the street, and the street light stretches his shadow narrow and long.

Chapter Four
The smoker throws the cigarette down to the courtyard, which scares the stranger a bit. He looks up the second floor but can see no one who may have thrown the cigarette out. Angered by this inappropriate act, he kicks off the cigarette, and kicks the tavern’s door open; he is mad that someone has been teasing him.

Chapter Five
Meanwhile,the cigarette accidentally lands on the trash pile and burns the garbage up. Yes, it’s on fire. People call 911 and soon the fire is extinguished. Nobody dies, no one is hurt, no big disaster.

Chapter Six
The night clouds move rapidly, day break. The street is getting crowed as usual, and the drunkard is still sleeping on the corner. Later, he will going the tavern, to repeat his life, over and over again.

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