Dec 28

External Monitor Of DSLR

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 11:13 PM

Is the camera built-in monitor too small? No problem, this video showing you how to hook a portable DVD player with a DSLR. This gives me an idea that I probably can connect my camera to a laptop, and it works. A 15″ external monitor is way better than the 2.5″ or even 3″ LCD on the back of digital cameras, but the drawback is you can only do this in the studio or indoor shooting. However, I will never do this when I am taking pictures because I only shoot RAW and I have to some post-processes to make sure the results are perfect, before I present the pictures to my clients.

Dec 26

Cheryl & Shoaib’s Wedding Posters

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 3:16 AM

It is been three months passed and I can’t believe I just sent the wedding posters to Cheryl. I hope they will like these two images.

Dec 24

Do They Know It’s Christmas?

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 1:04 AM

“This song is written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in 1984 specifically to raise money for Ethiopian famine relief. The original version was produced by Midge Ure and Trevor Horn, and released by Band Aid on December 3, 1984.”

For more information and all participants of this song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” please refer to WIKIPEDIA.

Dec 22

Spyder 2 Express

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 10:34 PM

As a photographer I have to manage the color of my display and make sure the color is accurate. My laptop screen has calibrated before but I think it might already out-of-tune, so I was looking for a color management device for a while. Spyder 2 Express seemed works well and very easy to create a icc monitor profile. Don’s Photo now selling it for only $99.99 because of Christmas season, but I pretty got it by only paying the taxes since I have $100 Don’s Photo gift card ,which I got it form a photo contest. Now I can always keep the color accuracy and consistency of my all displays.

Dec 19

2008 Calendar

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 10:15 PM

Got the 2008 calendar couple days ago, I was so disappoint about the printing quality of it. The color of the calendar seemed so dull and dark, can’t see to much detail on the pictures. I was thinking the calendar could be a nice present for my friends, now it is so embarrassed.

Dec 15

Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 8:26 PM

No, not my pictures. These amazing shots are belonged to a Nikon Cafe member Andy E. who was recently visiting a tent camp north of Masai Mara National Park for 2 days. He got a chance to test his new Nikon D300 with AFS 14-24mm and AFS 24-70mm lenses, and ended up doing most of his photos with an AFS 300mm/4.

I am so jealous and hope I will get a chance to travel to Kenya too. There are about 200 pictures are located at his PBase album, take a look if interested.

photo credit/ Andy E.

Dec 14

Short Film: Street Life

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 10:30 AM

I finally completed my short experimental film. This film is the combination of 40% video and 60% stop frame animation. All scenes are took with the model that I built, then come up a story at this space. Why stop frame animation because I have a lot of shots need to key myself in the model as the characters. I don’t have a huge blue or green backdrops to do the chroma key, so I have to take the continuous pictures then montage in Photoshop frame by frame. It is a hard work and a lot of works, but it is done now.

Dec 12

Baby Alston

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 4:24 PM

Alston’s family just got a new addition this summer, so it is about time to take a record for these kids. Baby Alston is cute and quiet, but his sister was a bit out of control in this age. It was a nice experience to work with Alston’s family.

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