Feb 26

Horizon In Sepia Effect

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 2:07 AM

I rarely shooting film in these days. Just sent a roll of film to develop today, and found there is a Horizon’s picture in there. I guess it probably just a snap shot when I was taking her photos in last fall. I simply ran a Photoshop action called Sepia II effect, which generated by my friend, and see how it looks. Quite fascinating.

Feb 20

The Future Photo Museum

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 11:30 PM

A friend sent me this interesting site – The Future Photo Museum. Just type your name in then you can find your future picture. Oh, so I supposed to be a soccer player!? Anyway, just for fun.

Feb 17

Jing & Xu’s Wedding

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 7:53 PM

Not many people getting marry in the winter, especially in Winnipeg. Jing & Xu have registered in China already, they just wanna host another wedding ceremony in Canada to celebrate with their friends.

The wedding is hosted in the Evangelical Mennonite Church on Sunday. Before the ceremony starts we went to the University of Manitoba to take some INDOOR pictures. Yes, it’s indoor because chilly outside. During the ceremony, although I’ve been told the photographer is the only person who allowed to take pictures, but I am still trying not to use flashes because I don’t want to disturb the service.

The challenge of this project is that the ceiling of church is a bit low. It’s good for using the bounced flash but it’s too hard to frame those circular fluorescent lights out.

Feb 15

Bride In the Water

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 2:45 PM

Found this picture in the Flickr’s Wedding Photography Pool. It’s beautifully done, and almost like a painting. But the most importantly, I was always curious how the photographers convince the brides to walk into water? Or was it just a professional model pretending the bride to take this shot? Hope I would have chance to convince my clients doing this kind of thing.

photo credit/ Sgreco

Feb 08

Brazilian Carnival 2008

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 6:56 PM

Other than the Venice Carnival, there is another famous carnival on the other side of the world – Brazilian Carnival. “The Brazilian Carnival is an annual festival in Brazil held 40 days before Easter and marks the beginning of Lent. Brazilian Carnival as a whole exhibits some differences with its counterparts in Europe and other parts of the world, and within Brazil it has distinct regional manifestations.”

When the north half is suffering the cold winter, the south part of America is full of sunlight and passion. I think Brazil is a nice place to travel during the snow season.

photo credit/ Luiz Lucas

Feb 06

Carnival Of Venice 2008

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 5:42 PM

Venice Carnival 2008 started on the 26th of January, and it ended on Tuesday, the 5th of February, full of colours and dreams in 11 days. Masks have always been a central feature of the Venetian carnival; traditionally people were allowed to wear them during the carnival.

Thanks a friend of mine sharing me these stunning images. I hope I would have chance to shoot the Venice Carnival in future. For more pictures of Venice Carnival 2008 please visit Silvano’s Pbase gallery.

photo credit/ Silvano

Feb 02

Black Paper Grids

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 2:11 AM

I have spent a lot of time looking for the black straws, but it is too hard too find in my TOWN, so I decided to make one with black paper. It is not a long process, just spent couple hours of my Friday night. The paper strips I cut them in 2″ wide, and made the grids with 1/4″ interval. The hardest part is I have to cut the space so the the paper strips can inset into each other.

Other than the black straw grids that most people made, my version flashes the square light because the girds are square. I might eventually make another black straw one because I wanna try what is the difference between square grids and round grids. However, this black paper girds spot works quite well.

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