Feb 17

Jing & Xu’s Wedding

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 7:53 PM

Not many people getting marry in the winter, especially in Winnipeg. Jing & Xu have registered in China already, they just wanna host another wedding ceremony in Canada to celebrate with their friends.

The wedding is hosted in the Evangelical Mennonite Church on Sunday. Before the ceremony starts we went to the University of Manitoba to take some INDOOR pictures. Yes, it’s indoor because chilly outside. During the ceremony, although I’ve been told the photographer is the only person who allowed to take pictures, but I am still trying not to use flashes because I don’t want to disturb the service.

The challenge of this project is that the ceiling of church is a bit low. It’s good for using the bounced flash but it’s too hard to frame those circular fluorescent lights out.

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