Mar 22

Lion & Photography

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 2:56 AM

I shoot wildlife some times, but I have never really work with wild animals. This video is presenting on The Star showing the photographer was doing a cover shoot with a martial artist and a lion for Desi Life magazine. Unfortunately, the martial artist is tackled by the lion while she performing, and ended up four ribs broken.

There are many people taking the videos or photos with big cats, and most of these biggest cats you ever saw probably weigh more than 500 pounds. People use the cats in movies, commercials, and ads … etc. However, wild animals are wild animals, you can not expect what to happen when you deal with them, even you thought they are tamed. I still feel threaten when I watch this video again.

Mar 20

Living In The Cars

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 10:46 PM

My idea is using the disused vehicles to create a community for homeless people, and the scenario is the period of end of oil. The major power source in this community is solar power (of course), and these drawings showing the vehicles have been modified into shelter, greenhouse (for growing food), store, public bathroom, and diner… etc. This is just the very basic concept of the vehicle community, further design will more critical.

Mar 10

Nighttime Scene Modeling

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 8:23 PM

I rarely build the nighttime scene 3D modeling. In some reasons, the nighttime scene is ways more difficult than daytime scene in terms of lighting issue. In daytime, I can just set up a direct sunlight in most cases. But in nighttime, I have to set up enough lights to light up every buildings. Moreover, I need to place some dramatic lighting for the major structures. However, I like nighttime scene because I like to play around with the car’s light trail.



Mar 09

Faint Northern Lights Tonight

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 2:41 AM

Have not seen the northern lights in Winnipeg for awhile, but tonight the solar wind stream is strong enough to cause some geomagnetic storms high-latitude area. I went out at midnight and looked at the sky when I noticed by the Aurora Forecast website. It’s not too hard to see the northern lights with bare eyes, so I went into my house to get my camera, trying to take some pictures of it.

I used Nikon AF 18-35mm lens with ISO setting 640, aperture F3.5, and exposed for 30 seconds. But the problem is that the northern lights is very faint, and although there is not moonlight in the sky, but it still is to faint for the camera. However, I still took some quick photos, and few of them turned out ok.

Mar 07

First Rhino Expression

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 8:04 PM

Unless I want to do the animation with 3D models, or I will usually add the trees, the cars, and the pedestrians … etc in Photoshop, which save me amount of time in rendering. This is the first time I built the model in Rhino then export it to Cinema 4D to do the rendering. Rhino is a very versatile 3D software, even better than Form•Z which I used to do 3D modeling. But It has limited function in rendering that is why I have to export the model to Cinema 4D. The other thing is Rhino only comes Windows version but I feel more comfortable working on Mac machine.

Before the Photoshop manipulation the image look quite dull, but after some post-processes it looks more vivid and more like a picture.



Mar 02

Little Girl & The Bride

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 5:02 PM

Kinda busy this week, and finally converted all pictures from Jing & Xu’s wedding. I personally like this snap, the little girl who probably attracted most spot lights other than bride on the wedding. She is Canada and China cooperative product (I guess), and love to take pictures with everybody. The picture, there was a window on the background quite distracting so I removed it in the Photoshop. Also I adjusted a little bit color tone to make the picture more studio style look.

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