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Minolta RF Rokkor-X 250mm F/5.6 Lens

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 3:31 PM

This is a rarely find famous reflex lens, Minolta RF Rokkor-X 250mm F/5.6, and it has discontinued back to 1981. It is probably the shortest focal length of the reflex lens in the world, and size only as big as a 50mm lens. The optical quality of this lens is quite stunning, and as the particular of all reflex lenses that this lens creates very interesting bokeh so-call “doughnut”. Sometimes (probably once in a month) you can find a used copy on eBay for around $500, but lucky me that I found a stock brand new copy in the store asked for $299.

I haven’t get the chance to test this lens yet because it is Minolta mount, and pretty much all my cameras are Nikon. Now I need to find the way to modify the mount of this lens so I can give it a shot.


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