Nov 28

Jasper and Grand Teton In Slides

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 4:04 PM

Just added couple images in both Jasper National Park and Grand Teton National Park Picasa Albums. These pictures are taken with Kodak slide film. The original digital transfers are extremely bad, so I just chose some useable images then tweaked them in Photoshop.

Nov 20

Bl*ck’s Photo Does Bad Digital Transfer

2008 • Posted by Kai @ 3:07 PM

Just got my slides from Bl*ck’s Photo at Pacific Centre store. The slides look good but the digital transfers are awful. Actually, I was very disappointing about they digital transferring service when I was in Winnipeg. I was thinking maybe just give them another try because the stores in Vancouver should be better, but I was wrong. Don’s Photo does better job and they even cheaper than Bl*ck’s Photo, but too bad that Don’s Photo does not have any store in BC. I guess I should look for another professional photo lab.

This is just one example that how Bl*ck’s Photo treat my slides, and this is not the worst.

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