Oct 10

Great Blue Heron at Blackie Spit

2009 • Posted by Kai @ 7:12 PM

Blackie Spit is a seaside park in Crescent Beach was the perfect spot for bird watching. This is the first time we came here, and it was a bit windy on the Saturday morning. While walking along the trail, there were a lot of dog walkers around the park. This is a popular beach area in the summer, but it is also a good place for strollers in the cold weather too.

There were many different kinds of birds flying around, especially there were a couple of crows chasing a Juvenile Coopers Hawk but I did not get the chance to picture the scene. I spent most of time at capturing a Great Blue Heron catching the fish. It was only about 5 meters away in front of me, but it soon flew away when other Herons approaching.

Oct 04

With 1.4x Tele-converter

2009 • Posted by Kai @ 8:45 PM

Although I got a 600mm bazooka, but the focal length of a lens is never long enough for bird photographing. I took the advice from other bird photographers that if I really need to use tele-converter then use 1.4X. So this is the first time I try on my new 1.4x tele-converter with 600mm lens. But I guess I need more experiences to judge how much the converter affects the image quality.

Song Sparrow (Juvenile)

Cedar Waxwings (Juvenile)

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