Nov 12

Grado SR125 Modification

2013 • Posted by Kai @ 2:40 PM

I owned the Grado SR125 Headphones for many years, but the foam pads started flaking and sometimes they got into my ears. It was easy enough to just buy a pair of new pads to replace the old one, but I do want to find something feel more comfortable when I wear them on my ears. Unfortunately, Grado only selling this type of foam pads for this series of the Headphones.

Came across the internet and I’ve found I really like the Beyerdynamic headphones pads. But in order to fit the pads onto my Grado headphones I have to do some modifications.

Grado SR125 Headphones

Foam pads started flaking

Beyerdynamic headphones pads and foamcores for the modification

I find the paper layer of the foamcore generates some squeak noises during the modification, which is totally not acceptable for the headphones. I immersed them in the water for about an hour then removed the paper portion.


Beyerdynamic Pads on Grado Headphones

This is way more comfortable than the original pads, and I also found they tuned the headphones sound more like Grado SR325i :)

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