Nov 27

Blue Jay

2013 • Posted by Kai @ 4:45 PM

Definitely the Blue Jay is not the local bird, it was first reported by a birder seen at McDonald Beach Dog Park about a month ago, which attracted a lot of birders wandering there, but unfortunately it’s not easy to find this beautiful species. About a week ago a home owner reported that there is Blue Jay visiting their feeder quite frequently these days, and that made another hot spot for these birders (including me).

There were other 6 people hanging around at the alley when I arrived. The feeder can be easily seen from out side of the fence so people just setting their cameras there and waiting for the Blue Jay appears. I’ve heard some people were waiting for more than 3 hours to get to see the bird, but luckily my first sight of the Blue Jay was within an hour.

The jay announced itself when it arrives, and then there were shutter clicks at all time. Birding is fun.




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