Nov 12


2007 • Posted by Kai @ 4:46 PM

New Mac OS 10.5 Leopard has released for weeks. It comes with more than 300 new powerful features, but it seemed still have lots of compatible issues with other softwares. I guess I am not going to update my system that soon.

Oct 10

ImgCode vs Spam Comment

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 7:34 PM

Not many people willing leave a message on this blog, but actually I got tones of spam comments everyday. Although I’ve installed a plug-in called Akismet, which blocks almost spam comments on background. But sometimes it might misjudged people’s comments so I still have to spend a while to recheck all the comments manually before I delete them.

Now I just installed a new plug-in called ImgCode, which adds secure code to the comment form to avoid spam bots leaving trash messages on this site. For my friends who never been approved to leave message on this blog will be asking to type in the image code before you submit the comment. The ImgCode plug-in has installed two days already, and I got zero spam comment so far.

Sep 27

WordPress v2.3

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 12:08 PM

The blog system used on this site WordPress version 2.3 just released. What is new on this version doesn’t matter me, I just updated it anyway. Also I spent some time to adjust the layout, such as added some small icons and the calendar tittle on blog page, and rearranged the information on the service page, etc. Nothing important to write about it these days.

Jun 12

Safari For Windows

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 5:43 PM

Apple Inc. just released the public beta version of Safari. The new Safari comes both Mac’s and Windows’ version, so it is another option of web browser for many Windows users. According to Apple Inc. that the “Safari is the fastest browser running on Windows, based on the industry standard iBench tests, rendering web pages up to twice as fast as IE 7 and up to 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2. Safari joins iTunes in delivering Apple’s legendary user experience to both Windows and Mac users as well as full support of open Internet standards.”

Finally Safari comes to Windows. I am so sick of Internet Explorer because it follows only its own internet protocol and ignored the W3C. If you are Windows users and wanting give a try, you can now download the Safari Windows version from Apple’s website. But remember it is just a beta version, very beta.

May 30

System Updated Notice

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 4:04 PM

It is another rainy day, the only thing I can do is stay inside the house and work on my computer. By this chance, I upgraded the blog system to WordPress 2.2. The manual says there are hundreds bugs fixed and some improvements, but I think the stabilization is the most important thing. Didn’t encounter any troubles so far.

And I also added some new features in to the blog. On the bottom of the sidebar (right hand side) there is an RSS button allowing people subscribe articles of this blog. And on the bottom left of each article there is a “Share This” function that you can bookmark or email your friends the article by hitting this handy tool.

By the way, I try to keep this website stylish and elegant, but there are still the compatible issues in between the browsers, especially Internet Explorer. For example, I just fixed some css code to suit both Safari and FireFox. If you find something look awkward on this website please let me know.

Jan 20

New Comment System Is On

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 10:26 PM

After almost two days coding work, I finally added the new comment page feature on this website because original guestbook system has been canceled (I know it’s a bit long, but I have to say I am not a programmer). This site was using a free guestbook from elsewhere on internet, but they just removed my account without any notification. What a ……. but whatelse I can do because it was free. I was trying to migrate all messages back to here from cache, unfortunately there are still some people’s comments lost.

Shouldn’t trust free stuff on internet and that is why I created the comment page feature by myself. Anyway, new guestbook system is on. Keep it up and thanks for all your suggestions!

Nov 01

Notes of the “The Bull In the Machine”

2006 • Posted by Kai @ 2:17 PM


Techonology is going beyond control…………( to be continued)

Sep 20

Blog just done!

2006 • Posted by Kai @ 10:59 PM

I finally added the blog on to my web site. Since I already have my own web site, so I rather create a blog system by myself than use Blogger. This blog system is based on a program called “Word Press”, it needs PHP and MySQL running on the web server. Installing this program was not too hard, but spent lot of time to work on css and layout. Now I done…..maybe still needs a little bit code fixing.

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