Aug 18

Guitar Fret Leveling

2018 • Posted by Kai @ 3:49 PM

It’s really annoy that my guitar getting buzzy when I trying to adjust the playing action lower. Apparently it must be the fret level problems so I decide to level the guitar frets by myself. After reading some research and Youtube videos I got some basic tools to get this work done. It was not too hard to do this DIY, but do take the steps slowly and carefully or you might ended up over lowing the frets.

Protect the fret board and mark the high frets

Releveling and Recrowning the Frets



Nov 12

Grado SR125 Modification

2013 • Posted by Kai @ 2:40 PM

I owned the Grado SR125 Headphones for many years, but the foam pads started flaking and sometimes they got into my ears. It was easy enough to just buy a pair of new pads to replace the old one, but I do want to find something feel more comfortable when I wear them on my ears. Unfortunately, Grado only selling this type of foam pads for this series of the Headphones.

Came across the internet and I’ve found I really like the Beyerdynamic headphones pads. But in order to fit the pads onto my Grado headphones I have to do some modifications.

Grado SR125 Headphones

Foam pads started flaking

Beyerdynamic headphones pads and foamcores for the modification

I find the paper layer of the foamcore generates some squeak noises during the modification, which is totally not acceptable for the headphones. I immersed them in the water for about an hour then removed the paper portion.


Beyerdynamic Pads on Grado Headphones

This is way more comfortable than the original pads, and I also found they tuned the headphones sound more like Grado SR325i :)

Sep 25

Earphones Cable Repairing

2013 • Posted by Kai @ 2:29 PM

One end of my custom made UE headphones cable came loose a while ago, which forced me to change back to the original cable to suffer the sound quality. Ordering a new cable was an option but it was quite expensive and wasted, so I decided to fix the cable by myself.

I was surprised that people do sell this kind of cable pins on eBay, so I purchased a pair of this connectors to save my cable. I find the repairing was challenging because the pins are so tiny and really hard to solder they onto the wire, moreover the soldering iron cannot touch the pin for too long because it will melt the plastics.

Eventually the cable is fixed and I can back on enjoying my music again.

May 08

iPod Reparation

2010 • Posted by Kai @ 6:43 PM

I have recently repaired my obsolete 4th Generation iPod by myself. This device has been collecting dust on the top of the shelf more than a year, and I just replaced its battery and hard drive, which I purchased on eBay with very little money. I have also added an earphone amp and some other accessories to upgrade its sound quality. Now my old iPod is back and functioning again.

The list of my portable audio gears
Player: iPod 20G 4th Generation
Line Out Dock: NORDOST Cable & PAILICCS Plug
Amplifier: Little Dot MK1+ Portable Headphone Amp
Earphones: Ultimate Ears 5 Extended Bass
Earphone Tips: Comply Tx-500 Foam Integrated Wax-Guard Eartips
Earphone Cable: Null Audio Studio, Enyo Silver Upgrade Cable with PAILICCS Plug

Dec 24

Do They Know It’s Christmas?

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 1:04 AM

“This song is written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in 1984 specifically to raise money for Ethiopian famine relief. The original version was produced by Midge Ure and Trevor Horn, and released by Band Aid on December 3, 1984.”

For more information and all participants of this song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” please refer to WIKIPEDIA.

Dec 05

More Than a Feeling

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 3:25 PM

BOSTON is always one of my favorite bands, and a friend of mine just introduced a song from them, which never released. According to the website, “for unknown reasons BOSTON’s gear was moved and uncabled following our sound check. This, coupled with a minimal set change time, resulted in numerous technical problems during our performance, and even necessitated starting the set without Michael Sweet’s guitar. Because there are missing or damaged tracks that will be troublesome in a stereo mixdown, this may require considerable effort in our studio, which is set up exclusively for BOSTON recording, editing and mixing. Two recordings were made, one into our normal live taping system and one into a professional A/V company computer. We have been unable to get the computer files converted to a form that can be used in our system. The recording on our own tape was reduced to an unacceptable level due to the interconnection with all the additional show and A/V gear. There was insufficient time to check and reset these levels, or to perform a full line check before BOSTON took the stage. In the meantime, while we try to sort this out, we thought that we would share this version of “More Than a Feeling,” from a rehearsal session. This is from the first time that Michael Sweet rehearsed with Tom, Gary, Kimberley and Jeff together.”

Now hit the link and scroll to bottom to enjoy “More Than a Feeling“.

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Oct 06


2007 • Posted by Kai @ 7:22 PM

Not quite sure since when all Apple’s computers don’t support microphone direct input anymore. The audio line in (minijack) on the computer needs the self-powered microphone to get it work. If you just plug in the regular mic into the audio line in hole, then it will record no sound. What a silly technical idea, where am I going to get a self-powered microphone, and how much it costs?

I was playing with GarageBand and recording my voice with built-in mic, and that’s why they sound not that well (what a excuse). To solve this problem I just purchased a Griffin iMic, which allows me to connect virtually any microphone or sound input device to my Mac PowerBook with a USB port. So now I can sign with the external mic and play guitar into GarageBand.

May 17

When You’re Gone

2007 • Posted by Kai @ 7:40 PM

This is the first time I worked on GarageBand with only laptop (no musical keyboard). It’s hard to input all notes with computer, but it makes thing possible if I wanna do this during my trip. The song “When You’re Gone” original by Avril Lavigne, and here is Kai’s version [When You’re Gone]. Any comments are welcome, oh , of course I lowered the pitch a bit to match guy’s tone.

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